The Crown Project for Charlotte's Future
In the future you will be able to use this website to make donations to the Crown Project.
The historic water tower on the ridge over the Elizabeth Neighborhood in Charlotte resembles the city's crown logo. Please join David in supporting the plan to light the water tower like a crown -- to give Charlotte a fitting symbol, visible at night from miles around.

No donations are requested at this time.

David Erdman's History of Charlotte in Verse:


Charlotte Scenes 

© 2011 David W. Erdman


Listen now, Charlotte--city named for a queen,

To the folks who came before us, speaking from each scene.

Catawba River forests are rich with deer and bears.

Riverside gardens feed the tribe.  The natives trade their wares.

We've cleared a spot in the wilderness, in a region called Mecklenburg County

On a gentle rise between two streams, land blessed by nature's bounty.

We named the new town "Charlotte."  Then we found King George's best.

When Cornwallis tried to beat us down, he unleashed a Hornet's Nest.

George Washington visited our town once.  "A trifling place" he sneered.

"New Bern, the capital, has lots more people." But then Charlotte's gold appeared.

The town of Charlotte mines the ore.  Gold coins come from the Mint.

We have iron works and train tracks that of future growth give hint.

We mostly avoided the Civil War.  Our tracks are still in place.

While Columbia and Atlanta burned, Charlotte picked up the pace.

The freed slaves now live in Second Ward.  The New South lies ahead,

Hundreds of mills are popping up.  They're spinning cotton thread.

The city of Charlotte's growing still.  Duke Electric supplies the power.

You can see for many miles from the Independence Building tower.

The bustling city of Charlotte boasts Camp Greene army base.

Training doughboys to fight the war, to make this world a safer place.


Women staffed the Shell Plant--10,000 strong or more.

To make the anti-aircraft shells that won the second World War.


Lake Norman, formed by Cowan's dam, makes our water source secure.

The Overstreet Mall connects uptown, more businesses to lure.


Interstate banking's a powerful force that spreads the city's name

With Panthers, Bobcats, Charlotte Knights and the NASCAR Hall of Fame.


The urban region Charlotte leads, a thousand years will last,

But the future scenes are up to us, to build well on our past.